Army tokens / Dog tags

In the store "Camouflage-BUNDES" you can order the original army token according to US standards

We have the most competitive price! The set (2 tokens, 2 bumpers, long and short chains) costs only 125 UAH(apr.4,5euro)

You can also order Economy set-

1 counter with chain -55UAH (appr.2euro)

1 counter with bumper and chain Ц 70UAH(apr/2,4euro)

Attention, ACTION! The text on two tokens can be different! This does not affect the total cost.

We execute orders in Ukrainian, English and Russian fonts.

At us you are guaranteed to get original (real!) Army tokens of the American type. The text is applied by extrusion.

For those who want to buy tokens for the first time, we inform you that it's right to use tokens with extruded text in extreme (read-military) conditions (engraving is not an army method)

How to determine which chain you have - original or fake?

- The chain should not shine. American chains of original stainless steel are matte.

- There is a USA stamp on the chain connector.

What do I need to indicate on the token?

For the military - this is necessarily the blood group and ID. Code.

For everyone else - freedom of choice and flight of imagination!

Limits your imagination only the number and length of the lines on the token.

1 line - 13 characters (spaces and punctuation marks are also considered as symbols)

2 line - 14 characters

3 line - 14 characters

4 line - 14 characters

5 line - 13 characters

Most often the surname and initials, date of birth, city, military unit, call sign, etc. are indicated.

In case you have a lot of information that you would like to point out on the token, write or call us, we will talk, we will advise how to do it!

Of course, the text can be absolutely any. If you have any questions, write to

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